Full Hedge Electricity Contracts

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Full Hedge Electricity Contracts

Did you know that most Ontario electricity customers don't know the real cost of their electricity and the price risk they face? Most people assume that the cost of their electricity is simply the commodity charge on their bill. In fact, the actual cost of Ontario electricity is the commodity charge plus an additional line item called the Global Adjustment. You may be surprised to learn that, in most months, the Global Adjustment makes up at least two-thirds of your cost of power. Electricity retailers who sell contracts that cover only the commodity charge either do not understand the Ontario electricity market or do not care about actually covering your price risk.

Canada Energy covers all your electricity price risk, including the Global Adjustment, with our Full Hedge fixed price product. If you really want to manage your electricity price risk and tap into our expertise, contact us for a no-pressure, no-obligation quote.

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Renewable Energy Being Blamed for Ontario's Soaring Electricity Cost

Financial Post - Oct 29, 2014

This article talks about how the Ontario Power Authority pays above market rates for power to renuable energy producers and makes up this shortfall by charging all consumers a fee known as the Global Adjustment. Since 2007, the Global Adjustment has increased by 6 cents/kWh and has helped to push the commodity price up by 50% over just 7 years. The article goes on to say that wind and solar power contribute to 20% of the total commodity cost while producing only 4% of the electricity being used.

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