About Canada Energy

As an electricity retailer for more than 10 years, we heard countless stories about the financial toll that rising energy costs were taking on big and small businesses across Ontario.

High electricity bills were cancelling out hard-earned revenues and preventing reinvestment in the business. And even though switching to LED lighting seemed like the smart thing to do, there was no way to finance such a big upgrade.

That’s what inspired us to change our focus to LED retrofits and develop an innovative new way for businesses to get relief from high electricity costs. Today, Canada Energy is working with clients to achieve significant savings while updating the quality of their lighting. And we do it all with no upfront cost.

Your Partner in Painless LED Retrofits

We know you’ve got a business to run, which is why we handle the entire retrofit process—from the on-site lighting audit and product sourcing to managing the installation using licensed and insured professionals.

Our background as an electricity retailer for more than 10 years gives us unique insight into the industry and the challenges faced by businesses in Ontario. That’s experience we can turn into value for you.

We use a creative approach to solve real problems for our customers. Whether it’s helping them manage their financial risk, lower their electricity bills or upgrade the look, feel and functionality of their lighting.

We partner with high-quality LED suppliers and licensed and insured Master electricians to deliver the best results for our customers. That includes long-term energy savings and reliable lighting performance.

Some of our clients who have saved

Markets We Serve

We’re currently serving LED retrofit needs in the following markets:

Restaurant Franchises

Make guests feel at home while reducing energy demand on lighting, signage and more.

Retail Franchises

Update your store’s aesthetic while lowering electricity costs, improving customer comfort and more.


Reduce maintenance costs while providing a more pleasant and productive working environment.

Free Lighting Audit

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