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    Update your store’s aesthetic while lowering electricity costs, improving customer comfort and more. Canada Energy makes it possible with painless LED lighting retrofits.


From product presentation to in-store atmosphere, even the smallest detail can make or break a customer experience.

Proper lighting invites customers into your store and ensures your products look their best.

As many retailers know, the impact of their lighting choices extends beyond what consumers see. It’s felt every month in the form of high electricity and HVAC costs, or whenever it comes time to replace a light. These costs run even higher for stores using outdated lighting technology such as incandescents and CFLs.

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Upgrading to LED with Canada Energy

At up to 90% more efficient and 25 times longer lasting than incandescent lighting, LEDs can help your business save big on electricity, maintenance, HVAC and more. That’s money you can invest back into your store and into delivering unforgettable customer experiences.

As specialists in LED lighting retrofits for retail applications, Canada Energy will manage the entire process from start to finish—all while minimizing disruptions to your business and your customers. Most importantly, we’ll work closely with you to find the right lighting solutions for your store. We understand the value of first impressions in the retail world, so we pay attention to every detail—from colour temperature and light dispersion to fixture style and convenient features like dimming and automation.

Our unique LED retrofit program is turn-key and comes with no upfront costs to you.

That means you can continue to invest into your store. Our lighting retrofit services can help your retail business with:

  • General interior lighting needs (ceiling, wall, washroom, etc.)
  • Product displays and showrooms
  • Window displays
  • Exterior signs and building illumination
  • Interior décor
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UPS Store

Helping Brown Go Green

  • Areas Upgraded: Ceiling, washroom, lunchroom, storage area, outdoor sign, outdoor wall
  • Facility Size: 2,000 square feet
  • Lights Replaced: 25

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