Richard R. Demille Insurance

Making an Easy Adjustment

  • Location: Oakville, Ontario
  • Application: Commercial/Office
  • Facility Size: 3,000 square feet
  • Lights Replaced: 24
  • Projected Total Savings: $23,200
For this commercial office location, the Oakville branch of a major insurance provider,

we installed new energy-efficient LEDs at all regular interior lighting locations, including the ceiling, lunch room and washroom. In addition to saving the client money, we selected lights that would support a more productive and comfortable working environment for office staff. Fluorescent troff lights have been known to cause migraines, eye strain and other adverse health effects, so the switch to LED made sense for a variety of reasons.

Projected or realized
savings from this retrofit:


in electricity savings due to reduced consumption


in purchases of other lights and ballasts due to the superior longevity of LEDs


in maintenance costs that would have been used for replacing old technology lights


in HVAC costs because LEDs produce less heat and require less cooling to compensate

Lights replaced with LED equivalents

  • 2 standard incandescent light bulbs
  • 18 2 ft by 4 ft troffers
  • 4 1 ft by 4 ft troffers

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