• LED Lighting Retrofits
    by Canada Energy

    Introducing an innovative new way for your business to upgrade and save


At Canada Energy we believe high electricity bills don’t have to be business as usual.

Through our unique LED lighting retrofit program, we make it easy for your business to go green and get relief from high electricity costs. Best of all, there’s absolutely no upfront cost to you.

two LED lights up close

Retrofit Process

Our integrated and turn-key approach is designed to deliver a seamless retrofit process for your business. We handle everything, you reap all the rewards.

STEP 1: Lighting Audit

During a lighting audit of your location(s), we gather detailed data about your current electricity usage and show how much your business could save by switching to LED lighting. The lighting audit is completely free and there's no obligation.

STEP 2: Installation

If you decide to proceed with a retrofit, we'll fully manage and pay for your LED lighting installation, including materials and labour. You pay nothing upfront.

STEP 3: The First Five Years

In exchange we become your electricity supplier for five years, charging you the market rate of power plus a small premium. This small premium is offset by the savings you realize from your new energy-efficient LED lighting.

STEP 4: After Five Years

After the five-year contract you can continue using Canada Energy as your electricity supplier or you can switch to a different supplier. In either case, you get to keep the LED lighting supplied by Canada Energy with no obligation. Of course, your savings from the LED lighting will continue for many years to come.

Four Ways to Save

With an LED retrofit from Canada Energy your business can save in more ways than one:

1. Energy Savings

At up to 90% more efficient than conventional lighting technologies, LEDs can drastically reduce energy demand. In fact, in many cases customers will save money right from their very first electricity bill following a retrofit.

2. Bulb and Ballast Savings

LED lighting lasts much longer than old lighting technologies (50,000 hours for LED versus 8,000 for fluorescent or 1,000 for incandescent light bulbs). Over time this will dramatically reduce your purchases of lights.

3. Maintenance Savings

The longer lifespan of LEDs also reduces your maintenance costs associated with changing old bulbs, especially in larger facilities or hard-to-access areas.

4. HVAC Savings

Old lighting technologies are inefficient and waste energy by giving off heat instead of light. In Ontario, a full LED retrofit will reduce air conditioning costs over the entire year by around 11%.

Highest Quality Installation Partners and Products

To deliver the best and safest results for our clients, we use only top quality lighting products and work exclusively with Master electricians licensed by the Ontario Electrical Safety Authority. All of our electrical contractors are in good standing with the OESA, which means they must meet high professional standards and hold $2 million in insurance.

Free Lighting Audit

Schedule your free, no-obligation lighting audit with Canada Energy and find out how much your business could save.

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